SQL Queries: Query for getting Second highest number record

Query for getting Second Highest Number Record from a Table

Getting Second highest Marks from table
Two SQL commands will be used to get the second highest number from the table

1. Order by
2. Limit

SQL Tutorial: Operators

Two types of operators
1.    Comparison Operators
2.    Logical Operators

SQL Tutorial: Where Clause

Where---à where clause is used to filter records

Where clause restricts records that is it helps as to apply conditions on SQL statements to get our desired specific records rather than getting all generalized record

Restrict/Limit the returned rows by Where clause

SQL Tutorial

Technical Definition:
SQL ----------- Structured Query Language
SQL is a language that is used to access and manipulate database.

Simple Definition:
SQL is a language used to create and talk to the database.

When we create a database it is useless if we can’t do anything with it; electronic database is made for the purpose of making life easy by making information and data centralized and getting standard information in the form of related records from database in niche of time. SQL is a language that is made to create and communicate with the database that is through that language we can not only create our database but further on we can operate the already developed database in the way we want; most probably useful way. When we make a database especially relational database we made tables with related data in them. We can feel the need to add data, delete data, update data and obviously access data from those tables. SQLdatabase. gives you privilege to access data, insert that is add data, delete data and last but not the least update data from

How to Gain Weight: Drink Milk Shakes

How to Gain Weight: Drink Milk Shakes

Many people especially Men has problem of there being so thin. Most of them no matter how much they eat they are unable to gain weight to get some healthy look. In this post i will discuss the most generic tip to gain weight for both Men and Women.

How to Lose Weight: Fast Way of Losing Weight

Fast way of Losing Weight

Most of the people they believe in starving the whole day for losing weight Fast. I also used to do the same. In the end the output is you do lose weight but when you start eating Normal; You revert back to your previous weight. So i have discovered an alternative to strict dieting+starving.

How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water:

All of you must have heard of 101 benefits of drinking water. No doubt one of it is Losing weight. When you drink water it dissolves fats in it. Due to which excess amount of fats are expelled out of body with less effort.

How to lose Weight: Loss Weight by Green Tea

How to Lose Weight by Green Tea:

If you want to loss weight fast then the best way is to start drinking green tea as your loss weight diet. Green Tea is not like Black tea as green tea has no nicotine in it that can put a side effect on your health.