How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water:

All of you must have heard of 101 benefits of drinking water. No doubt one of it is Losing weight. When you drink water it dissolves fats in it. Due to which excess amount of fats are expelled out of body with less effort.
Most of the people are used to of drinking ice cold water especially in summer season. In fact room temperature water is always recommended in all seasons. When it comes to reducing weight with water; room temperature water is mandatory element because cold water does not posses ability to dissolve fats easily. In winter season drinking warm water is effective to dissolve fats in it. People have projected tummies must not drink cold water also excessive use of ice cool Juices and Drinks end up in big fat tummies.

The Best time for drinking water is in the morning before break Fast. So make a habit of drinking 4 Glasses of water in the morning and after wards you can complete 8 to 10 or 8-12  glasses according to your weight and height.

Never Drink water after eating meals. But try to drink it after 2 hours of taking meal.


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