How to Gain Weight: Drink Milk Shakes

How to Gain Weight: Drink Milk Shakes

Many people especially Men has problem of there being so thin. Most of them no matter how much they eat they are unable to gain weight to get some healthy look. In this post i will discuss the most generic tip to gain weight for both Men and Women.

The oldest and effective way of gaining weight is drinking Milk shakes. Mango Shake, Straw Berry Shake, Peach Shake, Date Shake e.t.c.
The only precaution that one needs to take is not to drink them as ice cold and don't lay down on stomach to get a sound sleep after drinking them because it will result in projected tummy instead of gaining good proportions of weight on entire body.

Thin people can drink these shakes two or three times a day. Especially drinking shakes with or after meals are the best.

Drinking Milk shakes are not only to gain weight but also helps in fair complexion and good healthy blood. Especially date shake helps to increase hemoglobin to over come iron deficiency.  


Ryan said...

To gain weight fast, it requires eating calorie in your nutritious food. An example of a breakfast while on the weight gain diet includes chopped nuts, a banana, milk and fruit juice. A lunch would involve ½ cup of rice, 1 serving of pulses, 1 serving of curd or any non-vegetarian item, 1 serving of vegetable. You are also allowed snacks spaced mid-way between meals, like teatime in the evening. Eat a sensible dinner similar to what I have suggested for lunch.

santa said...

If you have suffered from eating disorders in the past or have any major health problems, consult your doctor before starting the Milk Diet. Thanks.
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sai krupa said...

Thanks for giving out the helpful content which is reliable to Increase Weight to procure the betterment in gaining the weight with the milkshakes, Really Good..

Imran majeed said...

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Nutritional intervention is one of the key components of our scientific and holistic approach towards weight management and the associated medical conditions.

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