How to lose Weight: Loss Weight by Green Tea

How to Lose Weight by Green Tea:

If you want to loss weight fast then the best way is to start drinking green tea as your loss weight diet. Green Tea is not like Black tea as green tea has no nicotine in it that can put a side effect on your health.
Drinking green tea is the healthy way of losing weight. Green tea are only natural herbs that helps you loss weight fast without making your complexion dark or pale. In Winter season green tea is considered to be the best option but in summer people avoid drinking green tea as they complain about pimples on their face. To avoid pimples by green teas you can simply put two Cardamoms in it. Cardamoms are cold in nature and green tea is hot in nature. So if they are used together than the nature of both the natural herbs will cancel the effect of each other. Moreover in summer we have abundant cucumbers which are not only cold in nature but are also delicious and considered to be one of the effective ingredient in Salads to for losing weight. So you can drink green tea by putting Cardamoms in it and after an hour you can eat a whole cucumber. Drink green tea four times a day.

1. In the morning before break fast.
2. After 2 hours of eating breaking fast.
3. In the evening at about 4-5 pm.
4. After two hours of eating dinner.

If you don't want to lose weight; even then green tea is a better option than Black tea and Coffee.


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