How to Lose Weight: Fast Way of Losing Weight

Fast way of Losing Weight

Most of the people they believe in starving the whole day for losing weight Fast. I also used to do the same. In the end the output is you do lose weight but when you start eating Normal; You revert back to your previous weight. So i have discovered an alternative to strict dieting+starving.
When we sleep our body burns the most calories. The best way to lose and to gain weight is while we sleep. If we eat big meal and lay down especially at night hours then no doubt the first thing that will be affected is tummy and then comes the other parts of body getting rich with useless Fats. The trick is you can eat good breakfast, good lunch with salads and can eat Fruits in the evening near about 5pm but when you go to sleep do not take any meal but just drink one big cup of hot milk. Remember i am talking about hot milk neither room temperature nor cold but only hot milk. The reason is hot drinks dissolves fats inside Human Body and keeps your weight moderate and tummy Flat but cold Drinks results in projected tummy even if you do not gain weight on weight scale still you can see tummy projecting out. When you only drink hot Milk at night; it will give good sleep after drinking it and when your body will demand calories to burn during your sleep it will dissolve extra fats from your body to full fill its requirements. Milk will give nourishment to your body without making it weak the way it happens when we starve for losing weight.
In short
  1. Eat Good Break fast (Avoid Oily Things)
  2. Eat Good Lunch (Always take salads with lunch meal for good digestion)
  3. Eat Fruits in the Evening near 5pm
  4. Drink Hot Milk and Go to Bed for sleep after 20 minutes
  5. Repeat The Cycle Every day


Fu said...

Does it really work? Have you tried it yourself? Is it you personal solution or you find in on net?

ShuMaiLa said...

@ Fu
Yes it's my personal experience. Especially hot milk help to reduce weight

Qureshi said...

The above given strategy is very good. I am doing this exercise daily and it helps you to make fit. Thanks ShuMaiLa

Qaiser Butt said...

Not Only milk helps you in digestion, it really is a much better way to get some shine on your faces rather than using cosmetics stuff like Creams blah blah...

ShuMaiLa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShuMaiLa said...

@ Qaiser Butt:
Thanks Qaiser :P

ShuMaiLa said...

@ Qureshi:
No Problem :)

joecoles222 said...

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Thanks again

Wittawat Wongruang said...

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sanjay said...

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Jon said...

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